Html5hitler Html5, Hitler and Wordpress



In itself a very strange combination, you will say. What did Hitler have to do with HTML5? Let's just say neither are very popular nowadays. Hitler has fallen out of fashion since 1945 and HTML5 is not used too much anymore in web design in the year 2021. It is now all practical Wordpress that tickles the clock. As for Hitler and his ideas for world conquest, they are far from extinct. It may be known through Agenda21 whose content can simply be found online that the rich of the earth have exactly the same ideas as Hitler once had.

Enough about Hitler. Let's talk more about Wordpress. The most used page builder and Wordpress theme at the moment are Divi and Elementor closely followed by Astra and Ocean-WP. If you are planning to create a website, it is good to know that these themes belong to the best Wordpress themes for 2021.

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